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Lifestyle-20-640Take control of the lighting in your home with the touch of a button.  By presetting different lighting levels for each activity in a single space, or the whole house, (reading, cooking, relaxing, entertaining) you can set the mood for any event.



We carry a complete line of automated lighting solutions for every application from a single Theatre Room, to whole house control.  Tired of seeing those large banks of switches in a room and turning each one on and off to see which light it controls?  With a panelized lighting design, all that remains is a single keypad, with easy to read backlit engraved keycaps, controlling those same lights without the clutter and confusion.



  • Save energy through dimming & occupancy sensors.
  • Daily events such as waking up, arriving home, dinning and sleeping can be programmed & scheduled.
  • Reduce all the wall clutter from dimmers and switches and replace them with a single, easy to us keypad.
  • Lighting can be integrated into your security system- in the case of an event, every light in the house will turn on, and all the exterior lights will flash rapidly to alert your neighbors and the authorities.

What do our customers say?

As the new owners of a relatively large home, we were constantly leaving lights and exhaust fans on and forgetting about them-sometimes for weeks at a time. Leaving on Sundays is usually a relatively hectic situation, and something always gets forgotten. With our new lighting system, we push one button by the front door when we leave for the week, and we know that every light in the house will be turned off.

James S./Southampton, NY


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