HD Surveillance

Automation-Secuirty-Camera-06Residential camera systems are becoming a standard product installation on most residential projects today. Aside from lowering your insurance costs, cameras provide an effective way to monitor the overall environment of your home. Is there a tree down after a storm, has the driveway been plowed, have the landscapers picked up the fall leaves, has the pool been closed for the season yet? All these questions can be answered in real time by connecting to your home and seeing for yourself.



By installing exterior HD video cameras you can keep an eye on your home and property from anywhere in the world. From recording a security or liability event, to logging in to see who's at the front door, cameras are an easy and convenient way to stay connected to your home.



  • Full color HD dome cameras with pan/tilt/zoom functionality.
  • Heated cameras w/ir for night viewing in all weather conditions.
  • High capacity DVR's for months of recording.
  • Remote monitoring access from your smart phone or PC.

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